We create modern clothes inspired by our Slovak folk art as a mission, a message to our generation so that they do not forget their history and heritage, but admire and pass it on.
Traditional culture was aprelude to the Preľude brand. It arose from admiration for women who are proud of their roots and are not afraid to present their heritage in a modern and playful form. Our dresses present the love of traditions, but show it in a modern context, while retaining its authenticity.
All products are manufactured locally in Slovakia. The quality of our dresses is the result of careful supervision of every detail in the production process, from initial searches, through the selection of the finest, sustainable materials to the picturesque embroidery and handicrafts.
Prelude is the beginning. Something that was here long before us. The history that shapes us. Traditions that are part of us. Our heritage is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Let's look at the past together to bring it to its present in its most beautiful form. Let us be proud of the best that our ancestors left us. We appreciate the originality and uniqueness that we can boast of, and nowhere else can be found. Let's find our own identity.
Natural material. Our own. Environmentally friendly. Gentle to our body, hypoallergenic. The beauty of linen lies in its imperfection.
Linen is highly breathable, it cools in summer, and warms in winter. Resistant to abrasion and heat. It protects us from sunlight.
Crouching is natural, and therefore it is beautiful and unique because it comes from nature. For all of these reasons we use pure natural linen.
Embroidery is one of the richest expressions of folk art in Slovakia.
It is a cultural phenomenon which clever people used to decorate their clothes. The embroidery varied from region to region, using a variety of challenging techniques, colors and ornamentation. It determined the position, state, and the origin of people. It was traded from generation to generation.
That is why we decorate our garments with these embroideries , because they deserve to be admired.

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